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I love dry rubs and spices to flavour foods. My West Coast Seasoning is a hand blended seasoning I developed after living for many years in Vancouver. Using Asian and Indian ingredients, it gives a distinctive savory flavour to meats and fish, especially pork, chicken and salmon.

Asian and Indian foods have become common on the West Coast, where I first came up with this seasoning. I use spices such as fennel, coriander, black mustard, star anise, prickly ash, ginger as well as soy sauce and Vancouver Island kelp to create a seasoning that gives a unique flavour profile, much different from the more common Montreal and Chicago seasonings.

$5 for 125 mL jar
$12 for 375 ml jar

(shipping extra as required)

“When I make salmon salad (with canned wild sockeye) I take pride in producing a satisfying fresh taste with the right amount of fresh ground pepper, salt (preferably ground rock salt) generous amounts of lemon juice, some Tabasco or other hot sauce, and not too much mayonnaise. When tasting the batch my wife Amber recently made up, I noticed right away that there was a subtle complexity to the taste that was very good indeed. So what was that bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ that took my salmon salad sandwich to another level? LWF West Coast Seasoning”

-Jason C.

“It’s fantastic!  I’ve used it several times on pork and salmon and we love it. I feel like a total Iron Chef every time I use it.  Last night I grilled some Sockeye steaks and used it as a rub and as a seasoning in a glaze (mixed in with honey and soy sauce).  It totally rocks.  Thank you!”

-Jason R.


New and exciting spice blends are in the works!

Be prepared for a taste of Ottawa!